About Us

Welcome to a new way to recruit.

If communication and presentation skills are an essential requirement then our e-me video platform screens the good ones in…and the poor ones out!

Now you can watch candidates present their academic and professional skills in their own words, find out why they want to work for you and why they feel they are the best candidate for the job.

We’ve been pioneering video CVs for jobseekers since 2007 and now we’ve launched a straightforward, easy-to-use, structured application screening process for employers.

Now you can add video to your existing recruitment processes or use our hosted service for one-off campaigns. 3-questions, 3-answers, each one no longer than 45-seconds. Nothing complicated, no pass or fail, no research needed, jobseekers just talk about themselves.

In less time than it takes to dial a mobile number, you can assess a candidate’s ability to communicate with customers, colleagues and suppliers. Along with their written CVs you can get closer to the right candidate quickly and efficiently.

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